Using the HOTOSM Tasking Manager

Current OSM Projects

Sinabung OSM Task

  • A recently re-published task that focuses on the cities Berastagi and Kabanjahe. These cities are located within close proximity of Mt. Sinabung and are highly susceptible to its eruptions.

Gamalama OSM Task

  • A perviously used task that is almost completed.


Raung OSM Task

  • A relatively new task created in response to increased activity. Please use the guidance listed on the task, as well as the tracing guide above.


Karangetang OSM Task

  • This task is in the validation stage, with an emphasis on road editing.

Paluweh OSM Task

  • This task is almost completed, with some validation needed.


Kelud OSM Task

  • Task is coming soon.

Awu OSM Task

  • Task coming soon.

Dukono OSM Task

  • Task coming soon.

Gamkonora/Ibu OSM Task

  • Task coming soon.