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About the video by Kutiman

Ophir Kutiel, professionally known as Kutiman, is an Israeli musician, composer, producer and animator. He is best known for creating the online music video project, ThruYOU, and a self-titled album. Wikipedia

Source: Kutiman – Thru You Too – »Give It Up«

Between 1980 and 2008, approximately 300,000 Indonesians were affected by volcanic hazards at a cost of $160 million USD. With more than 75% of Indonesians live within 100 km of the country’s 129 active volcanoes - the world’s largest number of volcanoes within a country and within such a small geographic area - these numbers are not surprising. In order to assist the humanitarian response community’s capacity to plan and respond to volcanic hazards in Indonesia, USAID OFDA is promoting participatory mapping of critical infrastructure using OpenStreetMap.

An image of Mount Kelud and it’s nearest city.

The severe lack of available data around Volcanoes in Indonesia was highlighted by OFDA’s Volcano Disaster Assistance Program (VDAP) as a particular challenge to its ability to model the risks posed by volcanic hazards in these areas. VDAP is interested in creating data for these vulnerable areas and working with their counterparts in Indonesia in order to create better data to improve hazard assessments. They have highlighted 10 priority volcanoes:

Volcano Name
KeludEast Java
PaluwehEast Nusa Tenngara
KarangetangNorth Sulawesi
AwuNorth Sulawesi
RuangNorth Sulawesi
DukonoMolluccas Islands
GamalamaMolluccas Islands
GamkonoraMolluccas Islands
IbuMolluccas Islands

Location of all volcanoes listed in the table above.

The long-term plan is to map all populated areas within a 50km radius of each of the volcanoes. Exactly how much work is needed to complete the data mapping of each respective volcano will depend heavily on what is within the 50km radius areas.